For quicker shopping on the Feed Order Form, use the "Quick View" button to the left of each item to bring up a smaller window. You can enter a quantity, the Pen Number for delivery, and Add To Cart without navigating off of the Feed Order Form.

You can order the same Feed Item for delivery to multiple pens at National Western Stock Show Association event site in varying quantity by completing multiple Add To Cart actions:

  • Sweet Feed > Quick View > Quantity 1, Pen WT123 > Add to Cart
  • Sweet Feed > Quick View > Quantity 1, Pen Y456 > Add to Cart
Please use the following codes to identify the location of your pen:

WT – West Ties

H – Hill Stall

JM – Junior Market Barn

Y – Yards Pen

T – Hill Tie Outs

These will be recorded on your NWSS order and delivered appropriately as declared. Thank you for shopping with National Western Stock Show!

Feed Office Hours: 7AM – 7PM Daily
Hill Feed Office 303-299-5530
Yard Feed Office 720-281-4704

  • Hill Feed Office: Located at the top of “The Hill” just northwest of the Hill cattle barns
  • Yards Feed Office: Located inside of the Stockyards Event Center on the 1st Floor
  • Expected Delivery Times: 2-6 hours, depending on order volume. Please order only when you are on-grounds and know your stalling/pen assignment.
  • Delivery Signature Required: Please be in your pen/stall upon delivery. Your sign-off is required to avoid any stolen product or issues. If you are not present, the delivery will not be made.